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Do you need Stucco repairs or new stucco installation.  Well these are just a few of the specialties we provide right here in Knoxville, TN.  We also replace windows and doors, home remodeling, decks and more! At Tennessee Building & Moisture Analysts we’ll give you the personal service you'll come to expect and enjoy. If you're looking for high quality proven performance you have arrived!  So you want to see what our Knoxville remodeling company can do for you! Call us now at (865)660-3251 to get your stucco done right. We will put your mind at ease and your stucco problems to rest!

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We cover every aspect of stucco, including Knoxville stucco home inspections, stucco repair, maintenance and new stucco installation. We pride ourselves in a well documented past performance record. A record that proves our stucco system upgrades are working! Our years of experience with stucco issues have provided us, with the unique expertise to fix your stucco! We will show you how EIFS stucco can hide damage. You will see how we approach the source of the stucco problems. Then you will learn how we rectify the issues and reinstall your new stucco. We have developed many remedies specifically designed for existing stucco buildings.  We also install stucco on new buildings with drain-able systems. These eliminate any possible moisture damage in the future. We use these solutions to permanently address issues commonly found in stucco. 

We are a fully licensed and insured General Contractors, with a specialty in the Stucco world. To the right is a picture of a stucco home before any repairs have been done. As you can see the stucco looks to be in good shape. However this is not the case. This is the very reason stucco issues are not discovered early on. Thus we highly recommend stucco homes be inspected professionally. The cost of the inspection is a drop in the ocean, compared to the repairs which will be needed if nothing is done. The inspection itself requires specialized equipment and a high degree of expertise. Thus we have been trained and certified by EDI(Exterior Design Institute) as very highly qualified inspectors and stucco contractors. This type of stucco is technically known by the acronym "EIFS". EIFS stands for "Exterior Insulation and Finish System". Which basically means it is an insulated siding for buildings and homes. There is also the Traditional stucco system, commonly know as "Hard coat" stucco. It also has similar issues as EIFS. However it has had less publicity, due to less of it being originally installed on account of its cost. 

So why don't you give us a Call at (865)660-3251 to get your stucco fixed once and for all! Let us show you what we can do! We have  a passion for getting things done right! So let us put your mind at ease and your stucco problems to rest! We cover every aspect of stucco repair, maintenance and new stucco installation. We pride ourselves in getting the job done right.  Our years of experience with stucco issues has provided us with the unique expertise to fix your stucco! Above you saw how EIFS stucco can hide damage. Let us take the worry out of your stucco home and give you the peace of mind you want in your stucco home.  A home that has the best energy efficiency on the market and highest curb appeal a home could want!  We are here to help you with all your stucco needs, and restore confidence in the strength of your home!
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Hail damaged home we restored in Louisville Tn

Hire the Professionals for all your Stucco & Remodeling needs! As a local company right here in Knoxville Tn, we believe our job is not done... until it's done right!

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