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As a turn-key stucco company we provide, stucco home inspections, stucco repairs, maintenance and new stucco application. Our many years of experience have giving us the tools and the know-how you are looking for. When it comes to solving tough stucco issues we are at your service.  Over the years we have developed stucco upgrades designed to eliminate stucco system failures!  Our EIFS system upgrades are at work right now, protecting  homes and businesses all over Knoxville TN!  Our clients find it very reassuring when they have follow up stucco inspections a year... two years even five years later to find their stucco problems are gone for good!  Whenever we meet with one of our old clients, they are always very pleased to inform us about their stucco success!  It brings great joy to us knowing we have been able to help them.  Specifically from the stand point of understand their stucco home and helping them remedy their moisture issues.  We take moisture issues very seriously in stucco.  We know there is no margin for error, especially when it comes to correctly repairing a moisture problem!  Thus  we  take all our years of experience and put them to work on every project we are called in to help on.  We take great pride in lending our professional  strength and expertize to help you with any problem big or small.  EIFS stucco damage can be difficult to detect as the walls generally look fine from the outside.  That is why we highly recommend a stucco inspection be done.  A stucco report gives a detailed analysts of exactly what the condition of the stucco really is.  From this point we will show you how we tackle the root cause of these stucco issues.  Next we outline the plan that will correct these root problems.  We are a full service stucco company, so you won't have to hire anyone else to complete your job.  When is comes to new construction we use the most advanced building performance systems.  These stop moisture problems before they happen.  These systems include Dryvit's patented drain-able systems, and Dryvit's  Outsulations systems. These systems eliminate any possible moisture damage, and ensure great energy savings for homes all over Knoxville Tennessee.

To the right is a picture of a stucco home before any repairs have been done. As you can see the wall looks fine.  However this is not the case.  This is the very reason stucco issues are not discovered early on. Thus we highly recommend stucco homes be inspected professionally. The cost of the inspection is a drop in the ocean, compared to the repairs which will be needed if nothing is done. The inspection itself requires specialized equipment and a high degree of expertise. Thus we have been trained and certified by EDI(Exterior Design Institute), as highly qualified inspectors and stucco contractors. This type of stucco is technically known by the acronym "EIFS". EIFS stands for "Exterior Insulation and Finish System". Which basically means it is an insulated siding for buildings and homes. There is also the Traditional stucco system, commonly know as "Hard coat" stucco. It also has similar issues as EIFS. However it has had less publicity, due to less of it being originally installed on account of its cost. 

Stucco before
Painted stucco home
Stucco wall after
Hail damaged stucco home we repaired in Louisville Tn

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Brand New deck
Restored stone mailbox
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Are you looking for someone to help you with some stucco repairs in Knoxville TN.  Well we can help you with that.  We offer a complete variety of turn-key stucco services. Including specialized  Stucco Inspections, Stucco Repairs & stucco maintenance programs.  We replace doors and windows and even build decks and sun-rooms onto stucco houses.  So if you have been hunting for a great company to take care of your stucco... Call us now at (865)660-3251
So why don't you give us a Call at (865)660-3251 to get your stucco fixed once and for all!  We have a passion for getting things done right!  So let us put your mind at ease and your stucco problems to rest!  Our years of experience with stucco issues have provided us with the unique expertise to fix your stucco! Above you saw how EIFS stucco can hide damage. Let us take the worry out of your stucco home and give you the peace of mind you want!  You will also gain a great understanding of your stucco home and its best features.  Features such as best in class energy efficient home siding, and the best in class for curb appeal!  We are here to help you.  So drop us a line and let us take the guess work out of your stucco.  Let us restore restore your confidence in the strength of your home!